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First Things First


Do you want a life filled with peace?  Do you want your life, and the life of your family to be the best it can?  Would you like to take the complication out of your life and simplify it?  Learning, understanding, and practicing putting first things first will help move you toward that goal.  Lets start the year right, and put first thing first.
PART ONE: Jan 8th, 2017
The things of this world will try to take the place that is reserved for God. Putting God where He belongs will allow for His favor and blessing in every other area. Putting first things first is our responsibility.
PART TWO: Jan 15th, 2017
Getting first things first is important to God because order is important to God. Knowing what is to be placed first in our life is not the same as actually doing the things it takes to put it first. We must aim intentionally at what matters most! Find out why God wants to be first in our lives and how we make that happen.