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For God’s Sake


When the disciples ask Jesus how to pray, His answer was very specific.  The prayer He taught us is often used traditionally, but it holds many life changing principles. Some we know and some we need to know & practice that we have yet to learn.  We live, not for our own sake, but for the sake of God and His Kingdom. 
PART ONE: Feb 5th, 2017
Jesus gave us a model to use for prayer. When He answered the disciples with the Lord’s prayer, He was saying their was an effective way to pray and an ineffective way. By its design, the Lord’s prayer teaches how God intended for us to connect with him.
PART TWO: Feb 12th, 2017
What does it mean for us, and to God, when we pray, “your kingdom come, your will be done”? What does God’s Kingdom look like and how can we see it come to earth. Listen to part two of our For God’s Sake series.
PART THREE: Feb 19th, 2017
Forgiveness is more than us just saying or feeling sorry. It is letting go of the debt and the resentment. When Jesus modeled how to pray, He showed us that we must ask for forgiveness as well as extend forgiveness to others. Take a deeper look in part three of For God’s Sake.
PART FOUR: Feb 26th, 2017
The ending of the Lord’s prayer sets us up for victory and gives us a heart of praise. Victory is found in allowing God to lead us away from temptation while protecting us from the evil one. Our heart of praise is founded on acknowledging that God is king, powerful, and worthy of all glory.