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The Good Life


How do you think the “Good Life” looks? God’s version is so different and much better than how the world portrays it. You can have peace, rest, and relationships that strengthen you. You can receive the reward and results that God wants to give. Get insightful teachings to receive simple & practical ways on how to live the “Good Life” right here, right now.
PART ONE: March 5th, 2017
We all want to live the good life. To receive the benefit and the reward of blessing, is more than just being good or doing good things. It is living a God life. A God life is something we can do right now, live right now, and enjoy right now.
PART TWO: MARCH 12th, 2017
Learn the importance of our relationship with God. Not only in just being saved.But our ongoing relationship with Him and how out of that relationship everything in our life is effected in a positive way.
PART THREE: MARCH 19th, 2017
God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him both on this earth and in heaven. Learn about the rewards of “The Good Life” in our third and final installment of this message series.